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Pathway Pals' Products are Made by Counselors... for Counselors. Products like:
Posters, Career Cluster Interest Surveys, Career Programs, Bullying Survey & Guide

Check it out by Interest Area or Grade Level (below or on the page links above)

Bullying Prevention
Career Exploration
Dropout Prevention
Gender Equity
Harassment Prevention
Hygiene Education
Sexting Prevention
Texting Education
Counseling information for elementary studentsPosters for middle school studentsPosters for High School

Featured Products:

Career Cluster Posters Career Cluster Interest Inventory that uses career picture survey for high school and middle school
17 Career Cluster posters... Including an "Introduction Poster" and 16 Individual Posters - - one per Career Cluster! 4 Sexting Prevention Posters... Warn students that one click can change you life... not in the good way!
4 Gender Equity Posters... You can promote career exploration for ALL occupations!
127 Slide Career Cluster Interest Inventory...a unique interest survey that includes pictures!
Dropout prevention posters Dropout posters for high school counselors Book about dogs and bullying, bullying prevention posters and book on bullying,information on bullying for school,information on bullying for children
4 Dropout Prevention Posters... Uses humor to encourage students to stay in school! 9 Dropout Prevention Posters... A source of inspiration for students. Early Elementary Bullying Prevention Program includes storybook, posters and PDF 4 Workplace Harassment Prevention Posters... Harassment is not be accepted on the job!